Weddings at Dameron Farm

With over 15 acres of land, you will have so many options at your finger tips for the location of your wedding ceremony, wedding reception and wedding party accommodations.

The theme for your wedding will be enhanced wonderfully by the serene backdrop of St. Jerome’s Creek and with many of our waterfront neighbors being “AirBnB Hosts”, you’ll have no problem finding amazing accommodations for your wedding guests as well.

We have an amazing list of preferred vendors who can facilitate all of the aspects of planning your wedding.

Where rustic charm and natural beauty come together to create a truly magical setting for your wedding day. Situated on the picturesque shores of St. Jerome’s Creek, Dameron Farm offers a unique and idyllic backdrop for your wedding celebration.

As your guests arrive, they’ll be greeted by the breathtaking scenery surrounding the farm. Lush green fields, amazing wildlife, and the sparkling water will instantly set a relaxed and romantic atmosphere. The farm itself exudes a rustic charm, with a post beam main house and well-manicured gardens, all adding to the venue’s rustic elegance.

Ceremony options abound, with several outdoor locations for exchanging your vows. You may choose a scenic spot overlooking the water, under a canopy of trees, or in a beautifully landscaped garden. Whichever location you choose, the serene ambiance of the waterfront will provide a serene and romantic setting for your ceremony.

Following the ceremony, your guests can enjoy a cocktail hour on the lawn or patio overlooking the water. They can mingle, savor delicious appetizers, and take in the stunning views.

For the reception, you can have an elegantly tented area which can accommodate up to 150 guests comfortably and can be decorated to reflect your unique style. The reception tent will feature large windows or open sides to allow your guests to enjoy the panoramic views of the water and surrounding landscape.

As the festivities unfold, your guests can be treated to a delectable farm-to-table menu from one of our preferred caterers featuring locally sourced ingredients and artisanal creations. 

Throughout the evening, guests can take breaks from the dance floor to explore the farm’s enchanting surroundings. They can enjoy leisurely strolls along the waterfront, relax in cozy seating areas, or gather around crackling fire pits under the starry night sky.

As the night comes to a close, the gentle sound of the water lapping against the shore and the twinkle of fairy lights will create a romantic and unforgettable ambiance. Your guests will depart with fond memories of a waterfront farm wedding that perfectly blended rustic charm, natural beauty, and heartfelt celebration.

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Dameron Farm sits on over 1,000 feet of waterfront with a private pier, sandy beach and ample lawns. There simply couldn’t be a better place to enjoy the beauty of St. Jerome’s Creek.

“More is not always necessarily more,” says renowned event planner Stefanie Cove. “A microwedding is for the couple who wants to really focus and spend the majority of their budget on the smaller details, whereas it might be difficult to replicate the same experience for, say, 200 guests.” 

While a microwedding can save you money, many couples are turning it into a macro experience. According to The Knot 2019 Real Weddings Study, the average overall guest count was also down, while the average cost per guest went up.  “Couples can certainly save money by going the route of microweddings, though many decide to actually spend their full budget. Only on less people,” Cove explains. “Some couples will even take their budget and host the hotel rooms for their guests, along with transportation and other items that may not normally be affordable for a larger-size wedding.” 


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